Graciela Misasi
Graciela Misasi was born in Buenos Aires in 1956.
She is an architect graduated from Universidad de Buenos Aires in 1979.
She served as professor in the subjects “Introduction to Architecture” and “History of Architecture” at the School of Architecture and Urbanism of Universidad de Buenos Aires (1975-78).
She attended several workshops and was a student of Eduardo Cervera (1985-87), Sergio Merayo (1991-92), Lola Frexas (1993) and Teresa Wolco (1998-99).
Determined to devote myself to the design of objects, I started to do so in 2006, to fulfil my true “GIST” of life (designing, art and decor).

This true inspiration came to me while using techniques such as patina, gold gilding, paper-mâché, carton-pierre together with collecting different objects that were not being used to reuse them in a different way.

At that time, there is a revolution in my interior and I got free from that corset that methodological training forces upon us and I started to mix all the disciplines, going from aquarelles to assemblies and from assemblies to the 3 dimensions where my objects came to life as the result of a technique I invented, the combination of papers in Trencadís, asphalt, lacquers, etc.

As a result I found the free expression of my soul as I gladly discovered that each particle of the universe makes a WHOLE. By studying the different pictorial movements, the different architectonic expressions, the freshness of nature, the different arts and crafts, photography, mandalas, all created by a divine intelligence, I discovered that they converge in the same order, living together in harmony one with another.

We have forgotten, as PASCAL points out, “that our ancestors called universe to everything that surrounds us, they did not call it binerverse nor traverse”. Universe refers to unity, to totality. It means that everything that exists is part of something bigger that contains it and transcends it, something that is something more than the mere addition of the parts.

Individual exhibits – a selection:
2006 * Espacio Liberarte
2005 * Conference room at the Argentine Presidency Building
1999 * Arcimboldo Art Gallery (a selection)
Cathedral Museum, La Plata
1997 * Staél Art Gallery, Punta del Este
1996 * Argentine-Japanese Foundation, City of Buenos Aires
* Zebra Gallery, La Plata
* Museum of Fine Arts, La Plata
1995 * Yrurtia’s Manor, O’Higgins 2390, City of Buenos Aires
1994 * Punta Carrasco, Costanera Norte and Sarmiento

Collective exhibits and Showrooms – a selection:
2008 * Pun of images. Museum Management, Museum Center
2006 * Pun of images. Museum Management, Museum Center
2003 * “Signature Toys”, Arcimboldo Art Gallery
1996 * Tomás Lebretón Showroom, Universidad Popular de La Boca
1st Annual Southern Showroom, Centro Cultural del Sur, City of Buenos Aires
1995 * Painting Showroom, La Salle Theatre
* Showroom at the Provincial Museum of Fine Arts Ramón Gómez Cornet, Santiago del Estero
* Exhibit at the APE Gallery in Manhattan, New York City
* La Barraca de Yurema, Punta del Este
* Province Showroom “Women and their Cultural Leading Role”, Dardo Rocha, La Plata
* Ernesto “Che” Guevara Showroom
1994 * Showroom at the Artists and Craftsmen Association of Capilla del Señor, Buenos Aires
* Celebrities
* Salón Nacional del Mar, Auditorium Theater, Mar del Plata
* 4th Showroom of Painting at Florencio Pérez Foundation, La Plata
* Trienal Showroom, Buenos Aires
1993 * Casa de la Provincia de Mendoza
* Provincial Showroom “Women and their Cultural Leading Role”, Dardo Rocha, La Plata, Provincial Museum of Fine Arts
1992 * Ward School, Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires
* Poetry and Painting, Casa de la Cultura de La Boca
* 1st Art Showroom of Buenos Aires
* Painting and Engraving Showroom, Tokyo Art Gallery, Buenos Aires
* 1st Annual Small Format Showroom, Centro Cultural Catedral, Buenos Aires
* 2nd Stimulus Award Showroom
1982 * Rotary Club Olivos Showroom, Buenos Aires
* Casa de la Cultura de Caseros Showroom, Buenos Aires

1996 * 1st Mentruyt Library Award, Lomas de Zamora
1995 * 2nd Painting Showroom Award “San José Flores”
* 2nd Annual Santa Fe Showroom
1994 * Special mention (aquarelles) at the Showroom at the Artists and Craftsmen Association of Capilla del Señor, Buenos Aires
1993 * 3rd Foundation CEP (Psychoanalytical Studies Center) Painting Showroom Award, Buenos Aires
1992 * Fifth mention at Salón del Sur, Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires
* Special mention by Casa de la Cultura de Caseros, Buenos Aires