One thousand and one...
Corporal cartography
Corporal Cartography Sculptural

This collection celebrates maps through the many shapes they had had through the ages. It objective, underneath the surface, is to deal with subjects such as why they came to exist, who were their creators and whose values were inevitably displayed. This may seem farfetched as it is a mere and ephemeral item which solves temporary needs, even though there have always been those who have found in maps an endless source of fascination due to scientific, esthetic, historical, cultural, emotional and symbolic reasons.

Graciela Misasi covers the mannequins with pieces of maps of different ages, some of them are not related to geography at all, and some others show the meaninglessness of mankind and their conquests of the divine and eternal.

The artist, in each work, defines and represents the relationship of the mankind with its environment, with the Universe and with God.