One thousand and one...
Corporal cartography

The word mannerism derives from the architectural terminology of the XVI century. “Maniera” is a general artistic procedure that deals with the set of universal rules or those of each art or with the individual way of working of each artist.

In this collection, Misasi’s collage comes out as a determined protagonist not only of the materiality but also of the entire composition: the boxes (which may play the role as planes or corporeal figures) introduce the rupture of rhythms, the continuity-discontinuity of the shapes and the addition of different elements as frames within frames. In the work, the observer finds Venetian papers, building photographs, decorative tiles made of marble, capitals and profiles that intend to become a different language.

It is clear that Misasi tries to transform her pure creative intuition into an artistic and spiritual concept. The artist paints leaving clear hints of her architectural background: thus, the artist gives way to the architect and the architect lets the artist flow without either of them getting trapped in structural formalities.

The risks of that expressive superposition are reflected in the assemblies which compose and decompose, in every possible shape, the different elements used in her search for an original and personal “maniera”.